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TWD: Coconut Butter Thins (vanilla vs. almond)

March 31, 2009


Back when I was in high school one of my good friends started making cakes.  This was long before I started baking.  Since then, she has gotten really good and (I think) now has her own cake business!  Anyway, the thing about her cakes was the icing…almond icing…not to sweet, and always leaving you with a wonderful aftertaste.

I have been thinking about these cakes recently, and craving that almond taste.  When I read this recipe, I immediately realized that it would mesh really well with almond extract.  So I made two half batches of these cookies.  In batch “A” I made the recipe exactly; batch “B” simply replaced the vanilla extract with almond extract.  

I took these cookies around to my friends and forced them to help me in my culinary experiment.  It wasn’t too hard to talk them into it.  These cookies were good.  They didn’t even make it through my photo shoot.  And the results…


a tie!  Really!  Very distinct flavors that in the end had even votes.  I should have found someone else for a tiebreaker, but I ran out of (aka ate too many) cookies.

The vanilla version was sweeter and more nostalgic.  These reminded everyone of the wonderful butter thins that always seem to pop up around the holidays.  Very delicious.

The almond version had that additional…well…almond taste that was wonderful in these cookies.  

I would say the only  downside is that the paper plate I used to transport these cookies for my survey ended up with that “i have been soaked in oil/butter” look.  Joining TWD is going to force me to amp up my exercise routine.

 But these cookies were delicious!  So many thanks go out to Jayne of The Barefoot Kitchen Witch for choosing the recipe.  If you want to bake it too, you can go to her blog to find it or buy Dorie’s book – it’s worth the investment!

Will I make them again?  Yes!  Vanilla or almond?  I think I’ll do half and half 😉

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