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pecan sour cream biscuits

April 9, 2009

Since I joined Tuesday’s with Dorie on Saint Patrick’s Day, I have dutifully made the recipes to post each Tuesday.  What I haven’t done, however, is dutifully go back and start working through all of the recipes already made.  Until now: Dorie’s pecan sour cream biscuits.  I know, I know!  I just made biscuits!  What can I say?  I have been on a biscuit kick.  

So I didn’t start at the very beginning – even if that is a very good place to start.  Rather, I went with what I had.  And this recipe calls for some pretty basic ingredients, so I was set. I only had 1/4 c of sour cream, though, so I could only make a half recipe of these biscuits.  But I am glad I made that much:  they were amazing.

I would be lying if I claimed I didn’t eat a biscuit’s worth of dough on this one.  Yes, I must admit it.  I am a dough eater.  And this was some of the best biscuit dough I have ever eaten.  So, I am very proud of myself for stopping after that and popping the rest in the oven.


This experience did remind me of one thing though – my oven is horrid.  I know it is too hot, so I set the temperature 50 degrees cooler than the recipe called for…still too hot!  If I didn’t have a ban on buying things until July (after I move – right now I’m trying to pare down, not bulk up…), I would go out and buy an oven thermometer right now!  

Even with a faulty oven, these biscuits turned out great!  The recipe was so good, I didn’t even mind that the bottoms were a little…crisp.  So thanks to Ashley of Eat Me, Delicious blog for choosing the recipe for last February.  If you want it to, you can head here, where she has typed it up nicely for you!

I hope you do – these biscuits were grand!  Enjoy!



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