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grilled salmon

April 16, 2009

I have many fond memories from when I was little.  Dancing carefree with the broom when I was supposed to be sweeping, karaoke by myself in my living room (before I knew it was called karaoke), trying to eat tulips over Easter…okay, so that one isn’t so much a memory as something I have been shown pictures of my whole life…I was a little too little to actually remember the tulips themselves.

And one memory I have been thinking about in particular takes me back to my girl scout days, sitting around the campfire, making our dinners.  Dinners that involved taking some aluminum foil, throwing some ground beef in with some carrots and broccoli, closing it all up in the foil pouch, and throwing it on the campfire to cook.  After the packets were done, we would enjoy the contents–adding some steak sauce for good measure–before moving on to the s’mores.  Did anyone else ever make this?

It actually turned out to be a somewhat bland meal, but it brings back such memories that I have always enjoyed it.   In essence, you are steaming the hamburger meat…which maybe isn’t the best way to cook hamburger meat.  But it is a great way to cook salmon.

Well, the method is modified quite a bit.

As I grew, we started using the method at home on the grill for a good spring/summer meal, switching from hamburger meat to salmon.  Although, putting the salmon straight onto the foil can result in burnt salmon.  Don’t worry: there is a solution!

Salmon tastes great with corn on the cob.

That wasn’t a random statement–it is the solution!  Let me explain.  We would always get corn to go with our salmon.  Then, we shucked the corn, saving the husks.  After wetting the corn husks, they can go around the salmon in the foil–this works wonderfully as a protective layer!

As a bit of a side note, I’ve heard you could use parchment paper.  But where’s the fun in that? (Also some small towns don’t have parchment paper…at least 11 different types of foil, but no parchment paper.  I’m speaking from experience here.)

And as for flavoring…what do you like with your salmon?  Butter and herbs?  Asian BBQ?  Molasses? Just throw it in there and let it steam!


(also sorry about the picture…not the best of lighting conditions!)

Grilled salmon

Foil (enough to enclose the salmon)
Corn Husks
Some seasoning

Wet the husks and place on foil, then top with the salmon.   Add whatever seasoning you like on your salmon, but butter and fresh lemon is always a good standby.  Top with more husks and close the foil pouch.  If your foil rips easily, add another layer on the outside of that.

Throw it on the grill!  My mom says about 10 minutes, but of course this will vary with the size of salmon and heat of the grill.  So it might take some trial and error to open up your pouch to perfect salmon, but it is well worth it in the end!

Well, there you have it.  Not much of a recipe…more of a method, really.  But it is a great, simple way to cook your salmon!


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