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Tuesdays with Dorie: chocolate bread pudding (muffins)

April 21, 2009

This past month blogging with the TWD bakers has provided me with many amazing dishes.  I am so glad I joined as I have already expanded my baking know-how.  And until now, I have not been disappointed. 

Unfortunately, this was my first week to not be in awe of my creation.  Although, granted, I did tweak the recipe a bit and maybe fuddled things up along the way (lots of the other bakers really seemed to like it!).  Oh where did I go wrong?

For starters, I read that others seemed to have an excess of custard in this dish so I made my bread really stale in addition to toasting.  Others seemed to have excess liquid…I didn’t seem to have enough.  So I added a bit more egg.  Then it didn’t really taste chocolaty enough (go figure). 

Also, I quartered the recipe and made 9 muffins.  I didn’t have a really large baking dish so I balanced it on the pyrex dish. This proved fatal to my dish as it led to utter calamity with water accidentally getting into my muffin tins in the oven removal process.  I don’t think it got in all of them, but in my moment of terror, I must have mixed them up and couldn’t tell which was which.

(Is it just me or did that picture make you think of fall?)

Maybe my problem really lied much deeper than all of this, though.  Maybe the true problem is that I can’t really remember ever having bread pudding before.  Maybe I should have followed the recipe exactly since I am a novice in this department.  Maybe I learned my lesson.  Maybe next week, I will go by the book.

I will say though, this recipe did inspire me to learn to make bread pudding.  One day, I might just return to this chocolate bread pudding and conquer it.  But maybe I’ll start with a basic bread pudding first.


If you want to try and conquer Dorie’s 4 star Chocolate Bread Pudding recipe, head on over to Upper East Side Chronicle by Lauren for the recipe.

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  1. April 21, 2009 2:57 pm

    No worries… I didn’t even make it. 🙂 I’m not fond of bread pudding, though! I had yummy Arnold Palmer Cupcakes instead!!

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