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PMOW: granola bars

August 31, 2009

This is going to be short and sweet because man, I am cutting it close on this one!


Natalie over at Oven Love chose this month’s Pre-Made Our Way challenge–granola bars.  I followed Alton Brown’s recipe, using dried mango, cranberries, pineapple, and a tiny bit of crystalized ginger for the ‘dried fruit’ portion.  I did not make these in a 9×9 pan.  In fact, I do not know what size of pan exactly I used, but it seemed okay because it was a little bit longer and a little bit thinner than 9″.  In the end, though I determined that it was still too small and my bars came out quite thick and hefty!  I might cut back slightly next time I make it.

I made these Sunday night after coming back from a weekend away at a wedding.  Well, more accurately, I came back from a weekend away sitting in traffic in Jersey because a truck of some sort rolled off the highway and caught on fire (or at least that’s the conclusion I came too using my context clues) causing me to miss the actual ceremony.  Luckily, the reception was much later and lovely.  Also, I was just the date, so none of my friends are mad at me :)… Um, where was I going with this?

Oh right!  The granola bars were a wonderful way to start the work week coming back from a crazy weekend away!  I will be making them again.

Thanks, Natalie–great choice yet again!

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  1. September 2, 2009 9:59 am

    I, too, used Alton Brown’s recipe – with a few small changes. Your granola bars look wonderful!

  2. September 2, 2009 10:00 am

    Crazy weekend! Bummer about missing the ceremony, but it sounds like you had fun! Your bars look great 🙂

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