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TWD: flaky apple turnovers

September 15, 2009

apple pies

Flaky apple turnovers.  

Doesn’t that just sound marvelous?  I apparently have a thing for sour cream doughs, this reminded me of those pecan sour cream biscuits which were also amazing.

Unfortunately, I had some trouble working with this dough.  I found it very crumbly and cracky.  I was actually feeling a bit down about my abilities when Susan tweeted she found it difficult to work with too.  Then I realized (reading the P&Q later) that we were not alone.  

Never fear, though.  I just pressed the dough together and put it in the oven.  I didn’t even realize until I was almost done that I forgot to sprinkle sugar on top.  Or until later that day that I forgot the butter in the middle!  (It’s okay–neither was missed.)  Quite the make-shift culinary adventure, I’d say!

So how’d it turn out?  While I didn’t experience any puffage, I definitely thought these were tasty!  I have many fond childhood memories of similar pies.  Although, to be honest, I was glad I quartered the recipe.  While these were delicious, I don’t think it was necessarily enough so to counter the difficult crust and loads of butter.  I did love having this as a “grab and go” type breakfast though!

If you want to give this recipe a shot, pick up the book by Dorie Greenspan or head on over to Julie’s site: Someone’s in the Kitchen.  See you next week for cottage cheese pufflets!

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  1. September 15, 2009 10:11 am

    Your turnovers look delicious. I’m sorry that the dough was such a bother, it gave me fits while I was trying to mix it up.

  2. September 15, 2009 1:19 pm

    Hey! Welcome to Baltimore! I found you through Caitlin’s site. Good luck at Hopkins!

  3. September 15, 2009 7:24 pm

    Hehe, puffage 🙂 Sorry, that word just derailed any intelligent commenting. Puffage. Hee.

  4. September 16, 2009 6:19 pm

    I forgot the butter and sugar as well, but I was none the wiser while I gobbled them up! Great turnovers!

  5. September 17, 2009 8:07 pm

    They look really good.

    I forgot the butter IN the hand pie, but it didn’t hurt it any.


  1. TWD: cottage cheese pufflets « The Berry Bushel

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