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TWD: dulce de leche duos

March 23, 2010

I cannot think of dulce de leche without thinking of Marlon Brando, Sky Masterson.  I was going to marry that man.  So smooth, so suave, so perfect.  I’ve heard he did not live up to such a demeanor later in life, but I was blinded by love.

I still remember the day–I was about 20–the phone call came to tell me he had passed.  I was at the beach (in Ohio…), but my mom knew I would want to know that my dreams had shattered.

Have I lost you?  Are you wondering how we got from dulce de leche to shattered dreams on the beach?  Maybe I should back up a bit.

Have you seen Guys & Dolls?  In the movie, Marlon Brando plays Sky Masterson, the dreamy gambler trying to seduce a missionary.  To further explain the importance of dulce de leche here, I have to issue a bit of a spoiler alert.  Don’t worry: it’s nothing unpredictable and not the ending.

So, he lures Seargent Sarah Brown to Havana where she says she wants a milkshake.  He orders “Dulce de Leche,” explaining that it has just a touch of Bacardi in it.  As a preservative, of course.  It’s so delicious, Sarah proclaims “You know, this would be a wonderful way to get children to drink milk!”  Needless to say, she has quite a few Dulce de Leches.  I am somewhat certain that this is a mythical drink.

I will summarize:  If you heard Marlon Brando say “Dulce de Leche,” your heart would swoon too.

Anyway, these cookies have little to do with the milkshake.  No Bacardi preservatives here!  I made the dulce de leche by covering sweetened condensed milk with water in my crock pot and cooking on “low” for 8 hours (the method given in TWD hints).  It was divine!

The cookies themselves were pretty good, although mine look poofier than other TWD bakers.  Maybe some bad math happened in my quick halving of the recipe.  Oh well–they still turned out!

Delicious choice, Jodie.  Now I think I’ll get back to singing my nostalgic showtunes!!!

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  1. March 24, 2010 10:58 am

    I haven’t seen Guys and Dolls, unfortunately… But Baccardi and dairy? Not so sure it works. I’ve heard of vodka with milk (in a White Russian cocktail), and whiskey with cream (Baileys), but never rum… I might try it on a dare someday! 🙂

    Your cookies look excellent, poofiness be damned! I’m now craving dulce de leche (the real one, not the cocktail)!

  2. March 24, 2010 11:21 am

    I’d like one of those milkshakes right about now! I like the poofy look of your cookies

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